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A Home for the Family


Build, buy, or remodel. Which is right for your family?

There are weighty ordeals that we handle in the course of our lives. Among the most stressful of those ordeals is building a new house, buying a new house, or remodeling an existing house.

Buying a new home involves many variables. Everything from financing, to schools, to selling an existing home, to moving belongings, to relocating lives. A new home means new neighbors, new friends, and a new community, even if it is only a move across town.

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Rhythms In Life


Music can do more than just change your mood and enhance your day. Music is a tool for empowering, healing, and adding vibrancy to lives, one day at a time.

Music is all around us — some good, some not so good, but always available. The car radio, smart phones and iPods, any elevator in any building, the “shopping soundtrack” in stores; we can’t avoid music’s influence on our daily lives. We don’t have to be passive “victims” of whatever music others choose to play for us. As active listeners, we can use music to make the day better, make work seem easier and faster, and reinforce our moods. To become active listeners, it’s helpful to understand how music affects us and how we can use those effects to our advantage. Continue Reading

Always There


As a Parent, It is All About the Obvious

Like riding a bike, getting married, and driving, parenting is one of those things that you have to experience to understand. There is nothing greater, and nothing more impossible to convey, than the importance and meaning that comes with being a parent. Being a good parent is a lifelong choice. And, for most of us, it is an easy one.
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You are invited to come be a part of Emma Jack, an exciting new lifestyle magazine for Mississippi parents and children.


Published quarterly, with primary distribution through area schools and local venues, Emma Jack is established to promote what is positive, informative, educational, and supportive for both parent and child. At Emma Jack, we want to help families grow, have fun, make great memories, and build relationships.


Parents will love our idea guides and content rich articles for healthy living, travel, fashion, nutrition, parent and kid tech, education, and ways to strengthen families. Emma Jack is chock-full of fun and useful stories to entertain, inspire and help build the next generation of adults.


With an unparalleled wide distribution to an audience ready to reach out for new ideas, services and products to help their families as their children grow, Emma Jack is the ultimate resource for raising happy, healthy kids.

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“It’s an excellent resource for busy parents. I particularly liked the Pillars of Strength [article].”
– Martha
“Thank you for putting out Emma Jack [Magazine]!”
– Jackson Magnet School Librarian
“As a busy father I rarely have the opportunity to read this type of magazine. I was drawn to the magazine by the cover photo, while waiting at our family pediatrician’s office. The articles were intriguing, well written, and to the point.”
– David from Jackson

  • Targeted Primary Distribution to area private and public schools.
  • Extended reach with additional distribution in highly visible locations including selected retail stores, museums, restaurants, sports complexes, medical and dental offices, churches, and hospitals.
  • Insightful editorials that include articles for parents on professional topics they need to know about, with advice from experts they can trust.
  • Themed issues jam-packed with resources that increase shelf life and ensure that families keep coming back to each issue again and again.
  • Comprehensive calendars of events and activities in every issue that make Emma Jack a must-read for every family.
  • *We reserve the right not to allow advertising that we feel is not appropriate.


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